Manage, Lead, and Coach

Strandska and the SKF College have jointly developed a powerful leadership program- Manage, Lead and Coach. This training is continuously upgraded with new teaching methods and modern technology to remain at the cutting edge of research and learning, and to produce desired changes in leadership behavior. Manage, Lead and Coach are three powerful and effective skills for influencing and developing teams and individuals.

Our training provides the skills needed to integrate, combine and understand the power of Manage, Lead and Coach on a  daily basis. The training provides lasting development for you as a leader through a process taking place over three months’ time. The skills are just as powerful regardless of your leadership role - be it as a line manager, a project manager or a CEO.

About Manage, Lead and Coach

With Manage, Lead and Coach skills you learn to smoothly and efficiently shift the responsibility between yourself as a leader, the team or individual collaborators, depending on  what you want to achieve in your leadership role.




Our program is designed to further enhance you decision-making capabilities as a leader. Determine the business, teams', and individuals' direction, as well as set strategic, innovative, well-defined objectives, and comprehensively communicate the operational framework. Further motivate people to increase their productivity and work quality, which can lead to successful accomplishment of established goals. Furthermore, we can work closely with you throughout the process to assist you with strategic guideline so you can constantly monitor the consistency and successful implementation of the operational framework.




To be a successful leader it is crucial that the team and the team leader undertake joint responsibility to achieve established objectives. Leader's role is to utilize resources and teams’ capabilities optimally - through active learning, exploring challenges together, knowledge sharing and genuine team collaboration, a sense of empowerment and common purpose is created when implementing mutual action plans. Hence, with the help of our unique strategic planing, we can enable you to achieve positive and sustainable results.




A coaching leadership style helps transform individual limitations of thought, action patterns, and to establish new effective habits. The result of coaching leadership style is increased responsibility, enhanced creativity, increased self-esteem, and enables the individual to find solutions by him/herself. This is a powerful skill that leaders should possess. That is why our program can help you enhance and develop the team and the individual by liberating the team’s or the individual’s potential. At the heart of the process lies the skill of formulating powerful questions which prompt the individual to see or learn something new and then to act on it.

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