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At Strandska, we work with coaching methods and solutions aimed at creating breakthrough and transformation for our customers.
Global Leadership - Borderless results!

Strandska was established in 2004 to show that releasing the potential of managers and employees creates powerful and lasting results for the organization. Investing in the development of staff and leaders becomes a natural and profitable choice. A win-win situation that also contributes to a better world. All Strandska courses and services lead in that direction. It is our passion!

The ambition of Strandska has always been to deliver world-class leadership and coaching courses, no matter where in the world. Through many years of cooperation with SKF, we are proud to have developed and conducted our Manage, Lead and Coach (MLC) program in all parts of the world. The competencies and capabilities are based on a universal leadership concept that works on all continents, and is a powerful tool for leaders of diverse teams globally.

We think, work, and inspire globally


Strandska Team

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