Our customers tell us how they succeeded in achieving their desired change.


What was the result?


The result of the effort was that all employees in the production teams now demonstrate a greater commitment, take more initiative and are open to giving and receiving feedback. Both leaders and employees now have a deeper understanding of the principles behind lean work, which promotes…

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Inkai uranium

Mining company Inkai's HR Manager Bakhtiyar Ospanbayev Was very inspired when he told us that his ambition was to create an innovative and powerful organizational culture that would be an example in Kazakhstan. Kazakh state, which was then 50% owner of the Inkai, had stated that the state wanted to see...

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What was the background?

A constant work in a global production company such as SKF is to constantly improve efficiency due to global competition and untapped potential are believed to be human capital. The investments had traditionally focused on the machinery fleet, as they are easier to assess than HR investments.

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