Our customers tell us how they succeeded in achieving their desired change.

Mining company Inkai's HR Manager Bakhtiyar Ospanbayev Was very inspired when he told us that his ambition was to create an innovative and powerful organizational culture that would be an example in Kazakhstan. Kazakh state, which was then 50% owner of the Inkai, had stated that the state wanted to see "business transformation" and more competitive companies. Bakhtiyar Had realized that a modern global leadership was needed for his approximately 55 managers to ensure that the organizational culture (approaches, behaviors, attitudes, relationships) could change fundamentally.

The Soviet legacy of governance leadership had led to a lack of loyalty, creativity and commitment.  After a selection process, the Inkai Strandska as a partner in educating leaders in the global leadership concept Manage, Lead and Coach and to transform the leadership culture.

The last week of May 2016 begins Thomas Andersson and Anna Björk with this challenge in the city Shimkent

Which arrangement drove Strandska?

To meet Incais Needs, we tailored a process based on the Strandskas Leadership concept Steer, lead and coach. For a total of 3 days plus 2 websessions during a 4-month period, all leaders received Including management Learn, practice and practice skills in steering, guiding and coaching. The process was supported by reminders in the form of "vitamins" (such as .Videos).

What was the result?

The result of the operation was that most managers wereLdiGT thankful to have learned a modern leadership that can develop communication, the motivation and dialogues in i Production teams.  Both leaders and employees now have more tools to solve interpersonal conflicts and Relations are strengthenedA. What became clear is that a conscious future development of change in the organizational culture is necessary for leadership to have the desired effect, otherwise there is the risk that individual managers ' ambitions are limited.

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