Our customers tell us how they succeeded in achieving their desired change.

What was the result?

The result of the effort was that all employees in the production teams now demonstrate a greater commitment, take more initiative and are open to giving and receiving feedback. Both leaders and employees now have a deeper understanding of the principles behind lean work, which promotes both managers and employees having more tools for solving interpersonal conflicts, relationships are strengthened and that everyone using coaching skills creates an organization with growing potential.


What was the background?

Nolato Cerbo had been prospering for a long time. It was, of course, gratifying, but at the same time, it meant a great burden was felt by the staff. It was common for conflicts to arise in and between groups. The group dynamics were locked and sometimes destructive. The Global competition required constant improvement and Nolato Cerbo developed and implemented several strategies for lean work - Nolato's Cerbo gaming system, but failed to create inclusion in the organization. We had proudly developed a modern and productive game system, which, however, was not supported by the organization's leadership.


What were the main challenges?

Nolato Cerbo's biggest challenges at this time were linked to getting the gaming system to permeate the entire organizational culture and at the same time to maintain the sustainability of the staff so that both managers and employees contributed to the game system living in everyday life. Essentially, one could point out the need to reduce the gap between the leader and the team, strengthen the leadership skills of the leaders, become good at giving each other positive and developing feedback and increasing communication to solve problems more effectively in production. While one wants to work with the culture in the teams and Nolato Cerbo, there was a desire to strengthen "Nolato's soul" (the Group's organizational culture) so that it lives in every cell of the organization. 


What arrangement did Strandska make?

To meet Nolato Cerbo's needs, we together tailored a process based on Strandska's leadership concept "Manage, Lead and Coach". For a total of 4 days during 4 months, all managers including the CEO got to learn and practice skills within "Manage, Lead and Coach". The process was strengthened by reminders in the form of "Vitamins" (eg video clips) and after one year the important follow-up took place. All the employees gathered for a full day about the game system, coaching approach and feedback. Now, the leaders had to further strengthen their knowledge by teaching what they learned, to the employees, during Strandskas process management.

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