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Cross-fertilising cooperation – measuring changes. N ' Gager Mobile App for development. One challenge that all trainers and team developers are aware of is the difficulty of getting the necessary changes when a leader returns to his normal working environment. Then it is very easy to fall back into old patterns (habits) and not use the newly acquired skills.

Modern technology makes it possible to strengthen behavioural changes and Strandska is thankful for an exciting, groundbreaking partnership with it Management company Awesome Group from Gothenburg. Their digital tools n ' Gager provides Strandska opportunities to train and measure leadership in an organization. The good behaviors are put into systems, are visible and thus get culture and leadership to live over time.

App N ´ Gager provides practical and stimulating opportunities to develop a positive culture for feedback within an organisation, which is necessary if an organIsaSustainable and high-performance. Watch a demonstration at www.ngager.com.

"As a partner to Awesome Group, we can get even more out of our consultancy efforts. Through n ' Gager we can remind the customer to train the skills needed to make changes and abilities to pursue their own further development process "

 Says Thomas Andersson, CEO of Strandska.

"With its solid experience and unique methodology to create a stimulating and coaching culture, Strandska has an important role to play. Through n ' Gager, Strandska can continue to offer results-oriented and cost-effective consultancy efforts for small, start-ups as well as large global corporations. "

Says Henrik Engberg, CEO of Awesome Group.



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