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It's easier to describe the problem than to find a solution to breaking these unhealthy patterns. In a unique collaboration between the Gambling association in Gothenburg and the Strandska Development House, a methodology is to be developed and tested based on coaching approach. The methodology is the basis of an education that will be given to people in Sweden who want to help young people to limit their playing time and develop healthy habits. Strandska is tremendously grateful to be part of such a project, because we want to contribute to a positive development of society.

Tarja Larsson, who is also a professional certified Lifecoach, from a gambling association is enthusiastic and curious about what we can achieve together in 2017 to support the youth. We will, among other things, To record video clips over typical situations that occur in a family and how they can be tackled as well as develop a self-instruction manual.

We are grateful for your ideas about what elements you think are needed in education, so that our young people change in time

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