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 ... for senior executives

As a leader you are faced with a two-fold challenge: you are responsible for the overall results of your team or your company while at the same time you need to manage and develop both your own and your subordinates’ individual and  personal leadership. We are convinced that you already possess everything you need in order to become a brilliant leader. 

We also believe that we have the capacity to unlock the potential which will take you there.While many people today question hierarchies and micromanaging, others feel safe and comfortable with these leadership styles.  The style you choose to exercise depends partly on the situation you are in – but also on what kind of capacity you possess.

  ... for senior executives
Global leadership requires new mindset

In our interactions with people we sometimes find ourselves in roles and situations which feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Such situations often affect our capacity to act powerfully and with empathy. But how would you feel if you as a leader had access to tools that make you feel safe and in balance, regardless of what is taking place? We assert that this not only is fully possible – it is literally an unavoidable consequence of having made the choice to assume personal responsibility for one’s growth as a leader.

The ability to radiate safety and trust may be your biggest asset as a leader when motivating your subordinates. Your team members never get any better, bigger or more efficient than what you as a leader permit. A courageous leader, who trusts in the capabilities of her subordinates, is rewarded with courageous subordinates who dare to stretch their own limits in their quest to achieve outstanding results.  The majority of people have no keener wish than to be of service within the context in which they live and work. As a leader it is your task to unlock this desire in each collaborator so that they can reach their highest potential.

Today’s leaders are faced with decisions in more areas than ever before.  If the old leadership was characterised by an authoritarian and instructive management style, today’s leadership is more about representing a clear set of values. Today’s leaders need to be able to anchor and create acceptance for decisions at all levels of the organisation. They need to be able to stimulate and motivate inner as well as outer personal growth while at the same time having the capacity to sell the vision of the company to the world at large as well as to their own team members.

In our executive coaching we work with leaders’ different challenges in their leadership roles. Executive coaching is about increasing the client’s capacity to:

     •  Lead teams using a coaching approach;
     •  Develop the group dynamics of the team
     •  Enhance business results through globalisation and diversity
     •  Solve conflicts in a healing and sustainable way
     •  Create an attractive work place with loyal, motivated and
        inspired team members who have the ability to see,
        understand and develop their own personal leadership

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