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Leadership Coaching
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 Leadership Coaching

Strandska offers coaching for:

  • leaders
  • team members
  • teams
  • personal growth 
  • as a tool for peace
Coaching to us means to liberate an individual’s or a team’s full potential in order to reach their desired goals and dreams. Their potential may consist of dormant skills, qualities or talents. It is the coach’s task to unlock this potential. All of our coaches have a supervisor to ensure high quality for our clients

  Leadership Coaching
Anna Björk, Global leadership coach & trainer in coaching

 "We create space for clear communication of ideas and dreams, we are aware about challenges and desires globaly, we encourage you to perform creative solutions and achieve transformative results".

How can leadership coaching benefit you?

To maximize the learning and the results from the Manage, Lead and Coach program in your daily work we offer you a 3 month package. As we all know, the challenges of the daily business pressure may put us back in old leadership habits, so a personal leadership coach can support you to implement insights and learning in a powerful and structured way. 

The leader’s agenda and needs are always the focus point during the coaching session. For example, a focus during sessions could be:

  • To explore how to use MLC skills in your team or management team in an effective way
  • To get support in how to design a change process
  • To transform some personal limitations, sore spots and to strengthen your personal leadership platform
  • To get feedback on your coaching skills and how to improve them
  • How to tackle difficult behaviours and resistance in individuals or teams, and even transform the resistance to a catalyst for development

 What is included in the coaching package?

The leadership coaching package includes 6 hours coaching sessions, either by phone, Skype or face-2-face. The sessions can be spread out over a period of three months. Between the sessions the leader can contact the leadership coach, via phone or e-mail, for brief explorations of how to handle different challenges that appear in the moment.

 How to proceed?

The cost is for the above package is 10.000 sek plus VAT. We set up the initial coaching session with an approved purchase order.

Please contact Anna Björk at for more information and to sign up for a three months package.



Anna Björk, trainer, leadercoach

Phone: +46(0) 70 306 8581