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 Change Management

Globalization presents unique business opportunities as well as ever-changing new challenges. Radical change – a transformation, not just gradual change – may be called for in order to realize a unique global business opportunity or to simply stay two steps ahead of competition.

In order to successfully implement Business and People Transformation in your organisation, Strandska offers a powerful combination of skills in business, management and team development in cooperation with the Gothenburg School of Business Integrated Centre for Growth.

  Change Management
Highly performing teams is one of the aims of Business & People Transformation

Our method in change management is based on our experience that for a powerful and successful change in business processes to take place, or for a reorganization to be successful, the leaders, teams and employees of the organization need to grow and develop simultaneously. This is because the desired and necessary changes in terms of perspectives, attitudes and behaviour within the organisation take longer than normally anticipated or, in the worst case, do not take place at all. In summary, a successful transformation needs to affect, to varying degrees, the following four components:       

        • Business development
        • A change in culture and perspectives
        • Management/leadership
        • Team development

We are experts in managing the change process and in asking the powerful questions that will move the process forward while at the same time challenging and developing management through a coaching approach. The result from the first phase of our engagement will be a solid, comprehensive and realistic plan for change based on management’s growth objectives, ambitions, experience and the scope that management is willing to implement.

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