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 Manage, Lead and Coach Leadership training

The challenges are increasing for today´s leaders to both deliver short-term results and at the same time to develop the team in itself for long-terma strategic results. On top of that, younger employees are demanding a different leadership, so the their drive, creativity and knowledge can be used. These outside pressures can only be met by leaders that are willing and capable of personal growth and transformation, and skills to handle teams that want to succeed. Strandska is proud to have a world-class training that can take leaders to their next level, and in the long run, to world-class as a global leaders.


  Manage, Lead and Coach Leadership training

The leadership concept Manage, Lead and Coach gives a leader skills in handling typical challenges with individuals, teams, stakeholders and also to drive change forward. The essence of the concpet is that w consciously move the responsibility to the proper persons

Manage: I, as a leader, take responsbility. The focus with manage skills are on the goals for the team and to define and strengthen that necessary framework for the team.

Lead: We, as a team, take responsibility. Lead skills are used to create mutual understanding of the vision for the team the strategy to get there. Exploring how to handle challenges utilising the strenghts and the diversity within the team

Coach: You, as an individual, have the responsibility: The leader uses coach skills to make others more creative, capable, helping them to find solutions and their way forward. It leads to growth, better self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Learn to Dance between Manage, Lead and Coach to create desired results within you company.

The goals of our 4 days leadership program: 

Understand the strength and challenge in manage, lead and coach and how to best leverage the combination

Use manage, lead and coach and the combination in your daily work - to more effectively communicate, delegate, create ownership, motivate, strengthen the team spirit, persuade, etc.- both with people working for you and other important stakeholders

Give constructive feedback that leads to development

Act with increased self awareness: know your personal challenges and patterns to best overcome the barriers in utilizing manage, lead and coach 

For more information and exploring together your way forward

Thomas Andersson, global head faciilitator

Phone: +46(0) 73 677 2583



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